08 Apr: 2017 Toyota Grand Prix with Banc of California

Due to our global relationships, Mr. Siretskiy & Efrem Reed were personally invited by Banc of California to join at the Pit Lane Club VIP, to enjoy the 2017 Toyota Grand Prix, from the best seats in the house. Banc of California executives are the best in the banking business, and we are proud to be a part of it.

29 Mar: Oil Stick & Albert Projects, Oklahoma.

Our investment portfolio is diverse and extremely strategic and successful. We believe our success in not only because of our leader Mikhail Siretskiy, but because we win a no-win situation by re-writing the rules. One of such examples is the Oklahoma oil well projects “The Walking Sticks & South Albert.” This lucrative investment was another opportunity for us to work in the oil industry.

24 Feb: Canter’s Development Meeting of the Minds!

Business women/men who are veterans in the professional world, know that you are bound to go through countless interviews and associates, until a power team is formed and molded to the highest standards. All the effort, dedication months of strategizing, financial investments, becomes worth it, as you get so witness an excellent project blossom.

06 May: Mikhail Siretskiy Hosts A MasterMind Session with Dennis P. Block.

39 Years of experience, and 180,000+ evictions, Dennis P. Block is not only one the BEST Evictions attorney in the state (if not in the country), but throughout many years of working together, we became great friends through the process. We highly respect each other for everything we have experienced together, for the support and loyalty to each other. Dennis P. Block & Associates, have successfully won more than 35 cases for our clients and us, between 2014-2016. The results speak for themselves.